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Some articles are so good that they should be featured on the main page. Doing so will cause many people to notice that article, as the main page is the first thing people see when they visit the site.


Articles must meet certain criteria. If it does not, then it can't be featured.

The article[]

  • The article is in the mainspace. It cannot be a project page, a template (Template:), a category (Category:), a user page (User:), a file (Image:), a discussion page (Talk: or ______ talk:), or a software page (MediaWiki:). It also cannot be the main page itself. We may eventually add a featured image to the main page. Any invalid nominations will be deleted.
  • The article must not be a stub, but a quality article.
  • The article is well written and informative.
  • The article's pictures look nice and are informative.
  • Overall, the article looks nice, and easy to read.


  • The nominator's vote is included in the "support" section.
  • Nomination starts the month prior to the designated featured article month (for December, nomination is in November).
  • You cannot declare an article as an article of the month until the day before the month is over.
  • 50 edits minimum are required to vote. This does not include user page edits.
  • Users may only support one candidate.