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Lindt & Sprüngli


Founded in 1845, David Sprungli-Shwarz and his son owned a confectionery shop Marktgasse of Zurich's old town, and decided to try out a new recipe from Italy, for manufacturing chocolate in a solid form. In 1879, Rodolphe Lindt, invented a technique called "conche", a technique of melting that is superior to any other.


Lindt & Sprungli is America's #1 premium chocolate company. Lindt & Spugli is a premium Swiss chocolate company, who is famous for producing the Lindor Chocolate, the tasty chocolate with a hard shell, and a creamy, and smooth chocolate center. Lindt & Spugli also is known for making their popular hollow chocolate bunnies, which are available during Easter. During the Christmas season they have the chocolate reindeer, santa, snowmen, bells, and ornaments. No matter what Lindt & Spugli produce, it's guaranteed to be delicious.yummy!