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Mars is a popular chocolate bar produced by the American company Mars Inc. is produced. The

Mars bar

company produces also frequently sold multiple bars, such as the Milky Wayand Snickers. The terminology is not the same inside and outside the us.

The Mars as falling outside the United States is known, is a 9 inches long band of circa. 51 grams. It consists of a substance of a floury chocolate, covered with caramel and covered with milk chocolate (solid). The energy value is high: the wrapper mentions 1021 kilojoule. The packaging is black with the brand in red letters; years of marketing has made a strong and recognizable brand of this appearance.

The band is known in the United States as Milky Way , while the Milky Way is called comic strip in Europe , in the US 3 Musketeers is baptized. To the US 2000 also had a candy bar named Mars.

The marketing of the brand is focused specifically on young people for many years. Advertising campaigns often show their tired young people coming out of the Mars energy wells. Also be sometimes (extreme) sports will be shown in commercials. The idea is that the high energy value of a March should be exploited to be active.

Mars is produced by Mars, Incorporated in Netherlands in a factory in the province of Brabant, Veghel.

In Scotland, an item being sold is deep-fried Mars, where a Mars bar is deep fried in a layer of batter.

Variants and limited print runs[Edit][]

In the United Kingdom and some other countries in Europe, are limited runs of Mars bars sold. An example of this is the Mars Midnight, which has a slightly different caramel filling and is covered with dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. Mars also has a liquid variant: Mars refuel. [1]

Other examples of derivatives are:

  • Mars Almond
  • Mars Delight
  • Mars Ice-Cream
  • Mars Planets