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Snickers are a Chocolate Bar made by Mars Inc. a famous, global corporation. It contains nuts, caramel and nougat within a milk chocolate coating.


The traditional Snickers.


In 1970, the Snickers munch was made but later renamed the munch due to the fact that it had nothing to do with a Snickers Bar.

Snickers pb

Peanut butter Snickers.


There are now multiple variations on the Snickers bar: Snicker 2 to Go, Snickers Peanut Butter Squared, Snickers Almond, Snickers Dark, Snickers Ice Cream and Snickers Ice Cream Bar. In other countries also appeared special varieties such as Sickers Kesar Pista (saffron and pistachio) and Snickers Berry Whip. There is mini snickers bars. The sad thing is that they have had thousands of recalls. Snickers were later named munches because the original bar had nothing to do with a Snickers.

Snickers icecream

Snickers ice-cream bars.

Snickers bites

Snickers bites.

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